Wind and tide monitoring

Sociedad de Prácticos del Puerto de Montevideo


The Society of Pilots of the Port of Montevideo carries out the entry maneuvers of large ships to the port of Montevideo. In order to do their daily work efficiently and safely, they need to know in real time the speed and direction of the wind at different points in the city bay, as well as the level of the tides and the speed and direction of the currents in the port entrance.


Given these necesities, we supplied and installed Gill Instruments anemometers to measure wind speed and direction at 3 points in the Montevideo bay, including the entrance breakwater to the port. In addition, an ultrasonic tide meter was supplied and installed in the port of Montevideo and a current meter in a buoy at its entrance. The current meter has the capacity to measure the speed and direction of the sea currents in the place in up to 10 levels.

In several of the above cases, the devices are powered by batteries recharged with solar panels, with an autonomy of 10 days in the continuous absence of sunlight.

The data collection of the equipment and its subsequent transmission are carried out through our RTU. The data is sent to our online telemetry + platform where it is displayed on screens developed to measure for the Society of Pilots that allow them to have real-time data for decision-making in their daily operations. All the installed equipment is being kept operational by our technical team.


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