Water management

Water management solutions

Through the use of our technology we provide in-depth knowledge of the operation of water services, optimizing their operation and maintenance.

By using different sensors such as water table, flow, pressure and volume sensors, among others, combined with our hardware and software, we provide a comprehensive service for all processes that use water.

Hundreds of wells and monitoring points back up our experience

We provide solutions that cover the entire water cycle, from its extraction, measurement, to its correct management for different uses, such as irrigation, distribution and more.

We help dozens of clients to cover all the needs related to the efficient use of their resources.


The solution that allows you to control water remotely, predict failures and correctly manage its resources

Data recollection

By incorporating sensors and our hardware to your facilities, we continuosly measure the different parametres and key performance indicator, which are sent to the cloud for later visualization and analysis.

Real time monitoring

Monitor parameters such as flow, volume, pressure, aquifer level, hours of operation, electrical parameters, asymmetry, among others through intuitive dashboards in our software platform.

Data analysis, optimization

We have experts in data processing and analysis with extensive experience, who will generate recommendations to optimize the operation of your infrastructure.

Notifications and alarms

We send notifications or alerts of events that require your immediate attention such as pump failures, power outages, tank overflow or emptying, excess operating hours, etc.

Remote control

Remotely operate your system, turn the pump on or off, open or close valves, regulate the flow by varying the motor frequency, set operating hours, among other features.

More information. Better decisions.

We present some of the benefits that are achieved through Nettra’s water management solution.

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Many customers trust Nettra's water management solutions. We tell you how we help them so that you understand how we will help you.

What do we measure and control?

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Our effective extraction monitoring solution and extraction control system. The system that allows you to control your well from a distance, avoid surprises and make informed decisions.
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