Collection and monitoring of meteorological data

Combining high-precision sensors, our information gathering and visualization technology, we provide comprehensive solutions for monitoring meteorological data.

We offer access to an extensive amount of indicators such as temperature, humidity, pressure, precipitation, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, among others.

Robustness and reliability

Our devices are designed to withstand extremely hostile environmental conditions and work autonomously, we guarantee the visualization of the data in real time as well as its history in an intuitive way on our platform.

The ideal product for every need

We have extensive experience integrating meteorological sensors of different costs and precision, from inexpensive sensors for agro-meteorological stations to high precision instrumentation for meteorological institutes.

Access to key indicators anytime, anywhere

Environmental conditions

We supply compact and professional weather stations to measure meteorological parameters according to standards established by the WMO.

Rain stations

Through automatic telepluviometric stations, we obtain centralized information on rainfall throughout the territory.

Wind conditions

We collect information on wind speed and direction in 2 and 3 dimensions, both for practical applications and for academic research.

Currents and tides

Our anemometers, tidal and current sensors are used to collect essential data for navigation in ports.

We reduce uncertainty

We improve weather forecasting by offering accessibility to key weather data in an intuitive and easy way.

More information. Better decisions.

We present some of the benefits that are achieved through Nettra’s Weather solutions.

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