IoT in industry

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All information in one place, available from anywhere

It is very common to find the information of the different subsystems of an industry separated in different technological platforms of different suppliers, and in almost all cases, this information is only accessible from a computer within the plant itself.

The main objective of Nettra’s industry solutions is to make this information available in one place, from anywhere.

The perfect complement

We connect to existing systems, using existing infrastructure or adding the necessary sensors, to serve as a perfect complement to add value, allowing to detect faults immediately, gain greater security in processes and be able to access remotely and in real time the critical information in all the plant.

Decisions based on real information

Informed decisions

Centralized and real-time information on the operation of the different subsystems that make up the plant.

Alarm notifications

In the event of any failure, we send alerts by mail or courier services to the responsible personnel to act immediately.

Predictive Maintenance

By combining the information collected with our analytics platform, we can anticipate problems.

Automation and remote control

Perform control actions remotely, such as setting control values, or modifying on and off times.

Auditable information

All the information collected is stored in our database for later analysis and auditing.

More information.
Better decisions.

We present some of the benefits that are achieved through Nettra’s IoT solutions for industry.

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