Power management

Energy efficiency solutions

We provide different solutions in order to optimize energy use and make its control more practical. From water well pumps to electrical boards, we use our products in conjunction with various sensors and actuators to provide constant real-time consumption monitoring and fully automated remote control.

Guaranteed quality

For more than 10 years, at Nettra we have been helping the main companies in the market make their businesses more efficient. Thanks to the hundreds of monitoring points installed in several countries, we guarantee savings, the correct management of resources, we simplify logistics and we prevent failures through the provision of valuable information to our clients.

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Reliability, profitability, prevention and much more. True energy efficiency

Consumption monitoring

Using a completely friendly web interface, we allow you to comfortably view the operation of your entire infrastructure in real time, along with its historical information.

Automation and control

Easily enable and disable any element of your infrastructure. Set schedules to automate on, off, and set parameters, all remotely and in a very intuitive and simple way.

Failure alerts

We send alerts to any failure that requires intervention. We alert for consumptions that differ with what was epect, detect power theft and minimize economic losses through data an consumption analysis.

Continuous registration

Our devices allow a continuous recording of voltages, currents, frequency, power and active and reactive energy, power factor, among others, allowing us to anticipate malfunctioning.

We simplify logistics

Thanks to the detection of faults, we optimize our clients' resources, allowing them to decide when it is really necessary to carry out a human intervention for inspectioning or repair.

More information. Better decisions.

We present some of the benefits that are achieved through Nettra’s energy efficiency solution.

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Nettra's power management solutions are trusted by many customers. We tell you how we help them so that you understand how we will help you.

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