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Precision farming

We are specialists in providing solutions in Precision Agriculture. We collect, process and analyze the different data to support our clients’ decision making with accurate and real-time information, improving productivity, efficiency, resource management and profitability in their field.

Conditions don't matter

We designed the RTU-X to withstand the harshest conditions, allowing it to operate even in the most hostile and remote areas.

These devices are coupled with an infinite number of sensors, allowing accurate data to be taken from the key indicators for the management of your plantation.

The right amount of resources, at the right time and in the right place

Irrigation Management

Efficiently manage the water and irrigation of your crops, increasing the efficiency of the resources to be used.

Disease prevention

Anticipate contingencies by accessing key indicators. Avoid droughts, pests, diseases and more.

Remote monitoring

Access remotely and in real time all the environmental data that can impact your production.

Microclimate Control

Control the microclimate conditions inside the greenhouses to maximize the production of the plantation.

Resource Optimization

Plan and optimize the use of your resources based on historical and real-time data on our platform.

More information. Better decisions.

Here are some of the benefits that are achieved through Nettra’s Precision Agriculture solution.

What do we give?

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Nettra's Agriculture and IoT solutions are trusted by many customers. We tell you how we help them so that you understand how we will help you.

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