What we do

IoT solutions

We specialize in providing flexible solutions to our clients through our own hardware developments and a powerful software platform.

We operate in various verticals, such as:

Meteorology, water, energy, agriculture, environment, industry and more.

Hardware and Software

We developed the RTU-X, a powerful and robust electronic device for IoT applications. This product is ideal to integrate with a myriad of sensors, actuators and platforms.

In our Telemetry + software platform we collect the data and process it to present the information in personalized and intuitive dashboards, generateing alarms, personalized notifications and providing advanced data analytics.

Consulting and support

We offer a comprehensive service, working together with our clients to identify the relevant information for their business and the best way to analyze and present that information.

After providing the solution, we continue giving our clients continually enhancement of their solution, providing technical support and evolutionary maintenance.

Telemetry en pc

We solve real prolems.

Internet of Things that suits your business

We transform data into productivity in any scenario. Discover some of our IoT solutions and contact us to solve yours.


Deep knowledge of water services and infrastructures.


Solutions to optimize and make more efficient the use of energy.


Remote access to critical information of the different subsystems.


Monitoring of environmental parameters, soil and crop conditions.


Control of effluent discharge into rivers and the emission of gases into the air.


Remote collection and viewing of meteorological data.

Understand how our solutions work


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