Telemetry +

The evolution of traditional monitoring and control systems.

Robust and reliable

Cloud system hosted in servers with high availability and redundancy with periodic backups.

Tailor made

Customized dashboards according to the needs of each client.


Large number of customizable widgets (graphs, bar and line charts, maps, digital and analog gauges, alarms, etc.)


Flexible charts with fast selection of the display time range and different aggregation functions.

Automatic reports

Automatic reports generation with the possibility to export data in electronic spreadsheet format.


Capacity for integration with other equipment and systems through standard protocols.

Telemetry + is our software platform for the collection, processing and visualization of the information from different sensors and the remote control of the systems.

By creating custom dashboards based on an wide library of widgets, our customers monitor and control the functioning of their infrastructures in real time.

Thanks to its web interface, Telemetry + can be used in any web browser on a PC or mobile device.

Through a powerful rules engine, the system allows detecting anomalies and notifying users by e-mail, SMS or Telegram before the problems reach a critical state, achieving greater efficiency in the resolution of incidents.

Our RTU + device integrates transparently with the Telemetry + system, allowing us to provide a whole end to end solution, ideal for business with a wide variety of monitoring and control needs.

Telemetry + supports several standard communication protocols, both to receive information and to interconnect with other systems.


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