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Water channel management system

The “Canal del Medio” (as it is named), located in Cabildo, Petorca Province, provides irrigation water to 39 irrigators. Until now, the delivery of water was carried out in shifts that depended on a person who traveled the canal manually opening and closing valves. The shifts were established with a defined duration but without keeping a record of the actual time in which the water was delivered.
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Flow control and energy efficiency optimization in water wells

When designing the hydraulic system of a groundwater extraction well, the pump is generally oversized and, if no action is taken, the outlet flow will be higher than the target value. Usually, a valve is placed in the outlet pipe, which is adjusted manually until the flow is the desired value.
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Monitoring of groundwater extraction wells

Groundwater is the main source of fresh water on the planet and is essential for all human activities. According to UNESCO, 2.5 billion people depend on groundwater for their basic needs. In addition, millions of farmers depend on it to meet the food needs of many other people.
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Industrial IoT


We supplied and installed the refrigerator temperature monitoring system, as well as the electrical consumption of different parts of the plant and the water used in the production processes.
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Monitoring of atmospheric conditions in high voltage lines


We supplied and installed compact meteorological stations in eight transmission stations in order to monitor meteorological parameters. At these points the following are measured: wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation, among others.
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Automation of the Uruguay Rainfall Network


We helped the Uruguayan Institute of Meteorology with its project to replace the old rain gauge network for an automated one. Allowing the issuance of early warnings against natural disasters and contributing to the reduction of both human and material damage and losses.
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Intelligent water distribution systems


We supplied more than 300 RTU-X to OSE, the largest water purification company in Uruguay. These equipments are installed at different points in the water distribution network, monitoring flow rates, pressures, and valve status, as well as in some cases acting on the latter.
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Comprehensive water management in agriculture

Water management is one of the most relevant aspects in agriculture. Its availability, quantity and time of application are crucial for the development of plants. To manage availability, it is necessary to know each source of water and the quantities that each one contributes.
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Rain and soil moisture monitoring


We were in charge of supplying, installing and maintaining six rain gauge stations scattered within the Uruguayan territory. The stations are made up of an automatic rain gauge, soil moisture sensors, automatic data transmission system and solar energy supply.
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Greenhouses crop monitoring

We supplied our Precision Agriculture solution to know as soon as possible the conditions in which its crops are found; Recommendations and alarms of when it is necessary to water, reduce the inappropriate use of resources and improve their performance.
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Monitoring of winds and tides in port


We supplied and installed anemometers to measure wind speed and direction at 3 points in the Montevideo bay. In addition, an ultrasonic tide meter was supplied and installed in the port of Montevideo and a current meter in a buoy at its entrance.
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Remote control and monitoring of billboard lighting


We provided JCDecaux with our Energy Efficiency solution, allowing the monitoring and control of all the lighting of its advertising signs, allowing to reduce operating costs and automating their operation remotely.
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