Industrial IoT



All industries today have the possibility of accessing sensors and through the online information they provide, optimizing stocks, improving inventory management, making better use of their inputs and final production, among others. A specific application of this is the maintenance of the cold chain, essential for both the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

With IoT sensors installed in the centers of production, stock, distribution and vehicles that transport medicines or food, monitoring networks can be created throughout the entire supply chain and thus have them under control so that they preserve their optimal state intact. until they are used by patients or purchased by customers.

This automated monitoring contributes to greater efficiency and control than if it were done manually and avoids economic losses, in addition to optimizing storage and stock control.

Cold storage is one of the main elements that make up the cost of the cold chain. An integrated data system that balances cooling demand, based on product volumes and distribution profile, along with on-site generation capacity and real-time energy consumption analysis, can create a great opportunity to generate revenue and reduce operating expenses.



We supplied and installed the refrigerator temperature monitoring system, as well as the electrical consumption of different parts of the plant and the water used in the production processes.

Each refrigerator has a temperature sensor connected to a concentrator equipment, which constantly reads the value of the temperatures and sends them every five minutes to our Telemetry + cloud platform. Technicians via the web with their credentials can access the historical and real-time information of the refrigerators.

In addition to this, they have all the information on electricity consumption of the plant, as well as the volumes of water in the processes.

The system has a set of rules that detect anomalies in behavior and report it via mail and Telegram to the designated Urufarma personnel. We maintain the entire system and carry out the evolutionary development of the interconnected systems.


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