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Developing and implementing IoT technologies
applied to telemetry and remote control


What is IoT?

The IoT refers to the acronym Internet of Things and is a concept that refers to the grouping and interconnection of physical devices that receive and transfer data through the integration of sensors in all kinds of objects..

The applications and possibilities that the IoT allows are endless, improving peoples’ lives and companies’ operational efficiency. At Nettra we specialize in carrying out IoT solutions in various verticals, including: Water, Agriculture, Climate, Energy, Enviroment and Industry.

Within the IoT we specialize in telemetry and remote control solutions.

What is Telemetry?

Telemetry is a technology that allows the remote measurement of different physical quantities that are later transformed into information and sent to the user.

Thanks to this technology, it is possible to remotely monitor different processes or equipment, visualize key data from different devices in an intuitive way, send alarms in the event of possible failures or malfunctions, among other applications.

On the other hand, the remote control allows to regulate the operation of these devices from a distance, allowing to define parameters of on, off, intensity and various applications of their functioning.

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How do we do it?

At Nettra we specialize in the development and implementation of IoT technologies applied to telemetry and remote control for a wide range of applications.

We make the implementation of these technologies possible thanks to the combination of our own developments of Hardware (RTU-X) and Software (Telemetry +).

By combining the power and diversity of applications of our measurement devices with our intuitive data visualization and control platform, we allow our clients to use the IoT to their advantage, giving them access to KPI’s to make better decisions, making their operations more efficient.

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RTU-X: the hardware that adapts to your needs

It is a powerful and robust electronic device for IoT applications that has digital and analog inputs and outputs, various integrated communication interfaces (Wifi, Bluetooth, cellular, RS-485) and local programming capacity.

It is an ideal product to integrate with countless sensors, actuators and platforms.

Available in IP68 and DIN format.

Telemetry +: the evolution of traditional monitoring and control systems.

Telemetry + is our software platform for the collection, processing and visualization of information from different sensors and the remote control of systems.

By creating custom and intuitive dashboards, our clients can monitor and control the operation of their infrastructures in real time.

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The success behind our systems

We are a great team that works with passion, determination and creativity to make an impact on our clients.

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With our extensive team of experts we implement, supervise and provide support in all types of projects, offering a comprehensive service with excellent support capacity.

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With more than 1,000 monitoring stations installed, we help clients of all sectors and industries reach the next level every day, making their operations more efficient.

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