Comprehensive water management in agriculture

Context - Problem

Water management is one of the most relevant aspects in agriculture. Its availability, quantity and time of application are crucial for the development of plants. To manage availability, it is necessary to know each source of water and the quantities that each one contributes.

Determining how much and how to apply that water to crops requires accurate measurement, a reliable record, and a functional schedule that allows each irrigation and fertilizer applied to be properly scheduled. Managing supply and demand for water also requires proper measurement of stored water.

Investments, corrective measures, and many decisions must be made on reliable data but also displayed in an easy-to-understand way where the relevant is just a click away and saves time processing and presentation of information.


In short, our solution consists of three elements:
• Sensors and control elements connected to RTU
• Information management web platform
• Notification and alarm system

Sensor system and control elements:
With the sensors and control elements (installed by us or existing) connected to the RTUs, we collect data and control the equipment to meet the requirements set by our customers.
• Flow meters in wells, channels and pumps, to record water inflows.
• Flowmeters in irrigation and fertilizer equipment to measure the water and fertilizer applied.
• Level sensors in the wells to know the evolution of the aquifer and project the water supply.
• Meteorological station to measure climate variables and calculate crop demand. It also allows us to implement an alert system in case of frosts or weather events that may damage crops.
• Soil moisture sensors to measure irrigation efficiency.
• Energy meters to study the efficiencies of electromechanical equipment and power supply conditions for these equipment.
• Solenoid valves for the application of fertilizers.
• Irrigation boards with relays for remote control of each irrigation sector.
• Dashboards to report relevant data on customer points of interest.

Information management web platform:
In our Telemetry + platform, our client accesses all relevant information in an easy and intuitive way from anywhere. To present the key indicators in the best way, we study the main KPIs in conjunction with our client and we customize the dashboards to make efficient use of the information.

Alarm and notification system:
We define with our clients, which situations deserve to be known in real time and which require immediate action. We design optimal operating thresholds and program alarms that are sent to alert when the system stops operating as it should. With this, the farmer can resolve these situations immediately and with information.

• Thorough knowledge of the water used in irrigation, amount applied and time of application. Consequently, higher agricultural yield, efficient use of water resources.
• Historical backup of information on Amazon servers with access from anywhere.
• Decision-making based on information and not on assumptions.
• Saving of man hours in irrigation scheduling tasks.
• Convenience and flexibility to access information anywhere and at any time.
• Energy savings through the implementation of optimization routines of equipment operating hours.
• Immediate action on failures and with a pre-diagnosis of the problem.
• Knowledge of present and future water availability.
• Investment planning with information that supports them.
• Saving man-hours in routine tasks of filling out forms and preparing reports.
• Systematized reports with important information for the client.



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