The genesis of Nettra Chile

The genesis of Nettra Chile and how technology transforms all businesses By Ignacio Popelka Jímenez The truth (it’s always good to start with the truth) is that the relative success over the years in our water well construction business had put us to sleep. We were comfortable with the results and our innovations focused on […]

Automation of the pluviometric network of Uruguay

Automation of the pluviometric network of Uruguay INUMET Context The Uruguayan Institute of Meteorology has as a project the replacement of its old pluviometric network for an automated one, to allow the issuance of early warnings in the event of natural disasters and in this way contribute to the reduction of both damage and human […]

Monitoring and remote control of lighting in signage

Monitoring and remote control of billboards lighting JCDecaux Context Previously, the maintenance of the lighting system of the publicity signs was carried out by making periodic tours of areas and visually inspecting the lighting of the signs and acting in case of detecting problems. The mobile phone that performed the maintenance rounds could have passed […]

Greenhouses crop monitoring

Greenhouses crop monitoring Context In precision agriculture applications It is usual to use greenhouses in order to ensure an optimal environment for the growth and development of the plants. To achieve this, it is necessary to use sensors and actuators that allow the measurement and control of those parameters. In cases where an automation system […]

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT Urufarma Context All industries today have the possibility of accessing sensors and through the online information they provide, optimizing stocks, improving inventory management, making better use of their inputs and final production, among others. A specific application of this is the maintenance of the cold chain, essential for both the food and pharmaceutical […]

Atmospheric conditions monitoring in high voltage lines

Atmospheric conditions monitoring in high voltage lines UTE Context Uruguay’s energy matrix had a revolution in recent years. The trend to stop burning oil to generate energy and lower costs by betting almost entirely on renewable sources is a reality today. In 2008, with the installation of the Sierra de los Caracoles Park by UTE, […]

Intelligent water distribution systems

Intelligent water distribution systems OSE Context IoT is changing the paradigm of how to manage the hydraulic systems that sustain urban water services. Monitoring systems allow in-depth knowledge of the operation and routines of the systems that make up the water services infrastructures. This knowledge is used to increasingly adjust their sizing and, of course, […]

Wind and tide monitoring

Wind and tide monitoring Sociedad de Prácticos del Puerto de Montevideo Context The Society of Pilots of the Port of Montevideo carries out the entry maneuvers of large ships to the port of Montevideo. In order to do their daily work efficiently and safely, they need to know in real time the speed and direction […]

Precipitation and soil moisture monitoring

Rain and soil moisture monitoring Ministerio de Ganadería, Agricultura y Pesca Context Together with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, we are working within the framework of the project Building Resilience to Climate Change and Variability in Vulnerable Small Producers. The general objective of the project is to contribute to the creation of national capacity […]

Comprehensive water management in agriculture

Comprehensive water management in agriculture Context – Problem Water management is one of the most relevant aspects in agriculture. Its availability, quantity and time of application are crucial for the development of plants. To manage availability, it is necessary to know each source of water and the quantities that each one contributes. Determining how much […]