Atmospheric conditions monitoring in high voltage lines



Uruguay’s energy matrix had a revolution in recent years. The trend to stop burning oil to generate energy and lower costs by betting almost entirely on renewable sources is a reality today.

In 2008, with the installation of the Sierra de los Caracoles Park by UTE, the country began to test large-scale wind-powered generation. These changes had a great impact on the high voltage lines in the country.

The cargo dispatch division needed to know the weather conditions around high voltage lines in order to decide on which lines it could send the load generated by the wind farms in operation and not overheat them.


We supplied and installed Gill Instruments compact weather stations in eight transmission stations for the purpose of monitoring weather parameters. At these points the following are measured: wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation, dew point and precipitation.

The data collected by the sensors are sent to the RTU-X and this in turn sends them to the SCADA system of UTE for its visualization.


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