3 tedious tasks that I have in my work and surely you suffer too!

By Nicolás Illanes

It has happened to all of us to face really boring tasks in our jobs. Many times we try to avoid or delegate them but it is not always possible.

When making them, we have them so incorporated, that it does not even occur to us to try to find another way, and sometimes we come across the famous phrase: “It has always been done this way”.

Do you have these tasks identified in your work? Have you tried to fix them?

I’ll tell you mine … (Spoiler: If you feel identified with any of them … at the end I’ll tell you how I solved them 😉)


1 –  Perform basic routine face-to-face tasks

Honestly, this doesn’t seem like a problem, right? But imagine that you are the first or the last to arrive / leave an office as it often happens to me. You always have to check the on / off of all lights, air conditioners, coffee makers, etc.

I do not want to imagine companies with machinery or refrigerators for example. In that case, you have to check them every so often to verify that they are working or that they have not been left open.

In conclusion, it is super tedious and many times we forget to check and we always end up paying for it at the end of the month.


2 – Make spreadsheets / reports for audits, calculate efficiencies, write down reference values, etc.

By this I mean when we have to write down many parameter values ​​and make accounts to present to our boss or authorities. Another case is to audit the same sensors every day at the same time to present them in a spreadsheet at the end of the month.

Sometimes, that is just the first step, on the weekend, fortnight and / or month you have to gather all the information, make graphs, check that the values ​​are correct and send them.

Surely you are thinking the same as me: How boring! But you have to do it and you always have to deliver this type of report.


3 – Be aware of possible failures / problems to solve them quickly

No matter what field you work in, you have this problem for sure. Either because you work in a factory and you have to be aware in case something happens, or if you work in a bank and the air conditioning has been turned off, so that you do not have customer complaints.


How did I solve them?

Implementing Internet of Things. This technology allowed me to:

  • Monitor and control lights, doors and heating equipment remotely and in real time.
  • Generate reports automatically with relevant information for those who need them.
  • That I receive personalized alarm notifications to my cell phone when there is a failure or problem.


At the end of the day I automated tasks so I didn’t have to do them manually and I was able to dedicate my time to what I am really good at.

About the author: Nicolás Illanes

Business Development Manager

Graduated as a Computer Engineer and MBA. Oriented in Direction and Strategy, and with his home fully automated, Nicolás is truly passionate about IoT and business generation. With more than 9 years of professional experience managing IoT and automation projects in different industries, he works in Nettra’s commercial area helping clients find the best solution for their business.

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